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Women's Fitness Specialist

Keeping you fit and well through all your life phases

Bespoke programme designed for you! Including nutrition advice for faster results. I understand that contacting a personal trainer can be a daunting process but I will take the time to understand your goals and motivations to ensure that I prepare the right programme for you.

Classes suitable for EVERY Woman

  • Conscious Core – 6 week Core Restore Courses
  • Barrre fitness – 6 week Barre Courses
  • Core fitness classes
  • Body Blast Circuits 
  • Kettlebell Circuits
Ideal for EVERY woman who needs a little bit more information or guidance.
These two hour workshops are a perfect introduction to Nicki Rose Fitness: –
* Floor to Core – Health abs, core and pelvic floor
*3rd Age Vitality – Nutrition & Fitness to help menopause